Tips on Soldering Resistors to a Circuit Board

Most people use an electronic device daily without much thought to how it works. A number of different components have to work together in order for electronic devices, like televisions or even tablets to work together. One of the most important parts of any device is the circuit boards. These boards feature a number of surface mount resistors to ensure the flow of power is constant and that no damage is done during a power surge. In some instances, these high voltage resistor components will start to falter and will have to be replaced. In order to get a new resistor in place, a person will have to use a soldering gun. Below are some tips on how to get the new resistor in place with ease.

Getting the Old Resistor Removed

The first thing a person will have to do during this process is to remove the damaged high power resistor component. Using a smaller flat head screwdriver is the best way to pop the resistor loose. Once the old capacitor is off, a person will need to get all of the old solder off of the pad. This can be accomplished by using a smaller wire brush. Once the solder is removed, it will be time to start installing the new resistor.


Tacking Down One Side

Before using any solder on the new resistor, it is important to get it completely lined up. If the resistor is not lined up on the pad, it will not be as effective as it should be. After it is lined up, one side will need to be soldered to the board. By doing this, a person will be able to get the installation process accomplished easily. Trying to tack down all sides of the resistor can lead to a number of problems.

Checking the Connection

After all sides of the resistor are soldered, a person will need to go back and ensure it is held down tightly. If there is some wiggle room around the resistor, then more solder will need to be added. Ideally, a person will want the new resistor to be pressed firmly up against the board.

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